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Nice App !

Nice App for me..Free for a limited time !! Go It !!!!

Not worth buying yet

This app looks very promising but a lot of features just dont work / dont work right yet. (Version 1.0) The file menu doesnt work even though it contains commands like "Save", "Open", "New". Changes will be saved automatically though but you can only work on one file. The app only counts calories correctly. For vitamins, minerals and lipids, it sums up the "content per 100 g" values - no matter if it is 50 g or 2000 g that you put in. This doesnt make any sense and defeats the purpose of keeping track of those nutrients. So far, the app only sums up entries for single days. It would be great to extend this to several days or weeks as only an average value of several days can really tell you which vitamin or mineral youre not eating enough of. I hope the author can implement these missing functions into the next version. If so, I would consider "Trofy" a 5-star app. It is sleek, easy to use and comes with a big database of USDA nutritional values. (Version 1.0 tested on Lion OS)

Does NOT track macronutrients or vitamins, just calories!

I bought this hoping for a cheap alternative to the "Perfect Diet Tracker" or another app that will keep track of not just calories, but how much fibre, sugar, fat, vitamins etc. Im getting. At first it seemed great and I was amazed at how easily I was getting my daily recommended intake of fibre, good fats, and vitamins (and also how crazily high my sodium intake apparently was!). Then I noticed the problem. When you first select a food to add, it automatically adds 100g of it. Then if you change that to say 10g, it changes the calories appropriately, but leaves everything else at the same amount it was for 100g! So you think that youre getting totally different amounts than you are! Only your daily totals for calories are going to be correct, everything else will be wrong. I liked that you could change the RDA values, although there seems to be a formatting problem with that function so that the window is too long and I cant see or change the values at the bottom. The ratio graphs that apparently make it easier to track your ratios arent labelled or explained anywhere. The database has a lot of items, but I think the search function could be improved so for instance when you search "banana", actual bananas comee first and then everything else, like every type of banana pudding known to mankind. It would also be nice if, when the database doesnt have a food, and you have the nutritional information yourself, there was some way to enter that information anyway. It would also be nice if, when you have a recipe you make often, you could you could store the whole recipes information instead of having to enter each ingredient every time.


I can’t scroll the left-side list of vitamins down far enough to see anything below what my screen can display. Seems like this application is either unfinished, has extremely minimal options, etc.


Dont buy this app. I wasted $4.99 hoping for a neat way to follow our diet plan. The data sources they give have some wildly incorrect figures (off by double) when compared to the actual ingredients on the package. I tried it with 1% milk, non-fat yogurt, and vanilla soymilk. If you select a different quantity from the suggested amount on the app, the app changes the calorie count, but NOT the quantities of other nutrients. The screen lists amounts of Carbohydrates, sugars, fiber, protein, and fat, but doesnt tell you what the blue bars represent. Maybe it is a percentage of some arbitrary "recommended daily allowance" for some hypothetical person, but it doesnt tell you. And it says the vanilla nonfat yogurt with sugar has LESS sugar than the plain unsweetened nonfat yogurt. Go figure. There is a colored "pie chart" shown, but it is useless because it doesnt tell you what the segments represent. Finally, if you add another item the screen sometimes locks up and you have to quit the program and re-start it to get back to your basic page. There are no instructions, and no Help menu. I dont have the time to investigate, de-bug, and write a Help menu for them. This app needs some serious improving before it is ready for publication. I am surprised Apple let it be listed. I am most disappointed and have deleted the App.

Highly inaccurate

This app truly is highly inaccurate and cannot be recommended to be used a nutrient tracker.

Don’t buy it! How do I get a refund?

Shame on me for taking a chance. Didn’t even load right and I can’t get it to reload. People who are interested in tracking nutrients don’t care about the all the junk food listed. Almond milk isnt even on the list. Was looking for an app that will help me find holes in my nutrition on a whole food plant based diet. This isn’t it.

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